Treadmill Training

·         Command ‘Mill’ and walk her with the leash and collar onto the treadmill.  Make sure to go on from the back angle for ease of use.  DO NOT use your hand to help- use the leash to pull her on if necessary.

·         Once she’s on the treadmill- pet her with your mild, mellow praise.  (Good girl ‘Paris’ Mill)  Pet her for about 1 minute.  If she tries to jump off, correct her with the leash/collar snap with ‘NO’ a minimum of 2.  Allowing her to jump all the way off would be a very critical handler error so watch her carefully.  DO NOT hold her there with the leash to prevent her from jumping, correct her with the leash if she tries to jump, otherwise the leash should have no tension on it.  If she does jump all the way off of the treadmill, you must snap the leash with ‘NO’ constantly all the way back onto the treadmill.  The correction must not stop until she is back on.  This might require you to have to ‘pull’ her with the leash onto the treadmill as you are commanding ‘NO.’  Once she is back onto the treadmill, praise her with only 1 ‘Good girl Mill.’  Then begin to repeat the ‘Mill’ command to her, so she doesn’t try to jump off again.  After you have been commanding ‘Mill’ to her for about 1 minute, after the correction for jumping off, you may then go back to petting her with the mild praise ‘Good girl Mill’.  Remember:  You do not want to pet her excessively after a bad behavior (jumping off the treadmill) because it will reinforce to her that her behavior of trying to or jumping off of the treadmill was a good behavior that you are now petting her for.

·         Command ‘Ready’ twice then turn on the treadmill.  The treadmill MUST start right away after you say ready to her the second time.  Turn the treadmill on a slow pace.  Do NOT allow the treadmill to be so slow that it stops or hesitates!  This will cause ‘Paris’ stress.  She will associate that the treadmills pace is unpredictable and will cause her to never associate how fast it will move and cause her to freeze up.  You may increase the intensity only AFTER she is comfortable with walking on it.  Give her the ‘Mill’ command so she knows that it is going to increase.  You do this the same way as you do the ‘ready’ command. 

·         Command ‘Stop’ twice and stop the machine.  The machine needs to stop immediately after the second command. 

·         Now continue your ‘Mill’ command and petting her with the mild praise, ‘Good girl mill’ for awhile before letting her off with the ‘OKAY’ command.  When she’s off, do not excessively pet her or pet her with the high, hyper praise voice.  Just say good girl in a mild, calm voice a few times and move onto other business as usual.  Getting too excited about it will make her associate huge excitement with getting OFF of the treadmill, NOT with how good she did on it.  If you want to show her how good she is on it, praise her WHILE she’s on it- always calmly.


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